Trifonic: Next Step Audio

Between Justin and I, we have seen some of the most horrific tutorials online - but surprisingly we always go back when we're trying to figure out new software or learn some tricks not in manuals. I've watched the videos on Next Step Audio and it's so well done that I feel accomplished just watching it.

A few months ago we mentioned we'd be launching a production blog where we talk about how we make our music, and I'm happy to say that it's finally here: Next Step Audio

The idea behind Next Step Audio is to show you specifically how Trifonic works in the studio, and demonstrate some advanced techniques for producing electronic music. Over time we plan to offer various downloads and more in-depth tutorials for the folks that are interested.

We'll be posting new videos every week, so please go check out the site and, if you like what you see, subscribe to the Next Step Audio RSS feed. Hope you find the production tutorials useful, and please let us know what you think!

And for those of you who would rather just have Trifonic make the music, we're hard at work on the next release, which we hope to have ready in the first half of this year... we'll certainly keep you posted.

LT and Brian

Trifonic: Editing Beats - Part 2 from Next Step Audio on Vimeo.

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luminator said...

it is like martha stewart for wrecking ears. Awesome