Workspace and Environment: Sasu Ripatti

Stuck in Sacramento for another four days before we drive up to Seattle to start the Necrophagy Tour. I was supposed to move here earlier this year and glad that didn't work out. If there is something worthwhile to do or see, let me know. Though I must say watching Tony of Eustachian spend 20 bucks on candy in Old Sacramento and scarfing down a funnel cake was entertaining enough. But I digress, onto Sasu Ripatti of Vladislav Delay and Luomo.

I was born north of Finland. I ended up close to where I was born after years spent in Helsinki and Berlin. I've been making music since I was 5 years old, for 28 years then. I began with drums and percussion. I've been involved in electronic / studio stuff for 10+ years.

What is your motivation?
Interest and passion for music.

What Are Your Current Favorite Pieces of Hardware?
All kinds of drums and percussion instruments, cymbals. If it's about electronics, I'd have to say I'm not too excited by anything at a moment. Something like Manley Slam is always a desert-island choice. And a good microphone. I tend to get bored with equipment easily and actually don't have as much passion for the gear as I used to have. Slam is just super functional and beautifully built piece of equipment that allows you to do all the rest, like being a great mic pre-amp, amazing ad/da convertor, great limiter, etc etc. So it allows you to capture and process any stuff really well, be it software, hardware synth, microphone etc. I don't have really any favorite synths or sound sources. Maybe Jomox Sunsyn is something I quite like. Or some Eventide stuff.

What About Software?
I use Logic Pro, happy with it. I don't use too much plug-ins but some UAD ones are good, as well as URS API eq. Sometimes for demoing I use Arturia or other virtual synths but am not too crazy about them. Some Native Instruments synths are also good for what they do.

How does your physical space and surroundings influence your workflow?

What Is Your Ideal Workspace?
I think I have found my ultimate location. It's an island with lots of wildlife and not many people. Airport is relatively near-by, and a fast satellite internet. the control room was built around the dimensions that allow for great acoustics and the sound in the room is phenomenal. It's just being finished. I'm not happy yet with the feel and the looks of the room, that will need to be improved with time, when budget allows. There's a machine room where all the computers and hard drives etc are, so the control room is super quiet. I also record in the control room, be it drums or vocals.

What Was The First And Last Piece of Gear You Obtained?
First was Roland mc-303 groove box...
Last was a Russian drum machine named Formanta

Whats On Your Wish List?
Lots of gear that I can't afford. GML eq, API eqs, small SSl mixer, more Benchmark DAC convertors, Buchla synth etc, etc. I try not to think too much about all that stuff I will never get.

Do you have a mobile studio setup?
Yes. Only a laptop and interface, small nanokey keyboard. And all the software I have in the studio as well. I can take it all with me via iLoks if I need to. I don't use portable set-ups for anything serious though, some sketching sometimes.

Do you have a different setup for live performances?
Again, a laptop, running Ableton Live. Faderfox MIDI controllers, several nano kaospads, several old FX pedals.

How many different studios have you had?
This is my 5th studio. They have changed basically each time to a better sounding room. Gear has of course changed as well but that's irrelevant.

Sasu Ripatti's Aliases
- Vladislav Delay
- Luomo
Moritz von Oswald Trio
Vladislav Delay Quartet

- Several Free Releases On Wikipedia


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well if you are bored - go to nimbus dam and see the fish hatchery

also check out the norcal noisefest set for 10/16


but there may be some local noise gigs

and also audio waffle but it looks like they are dormant

or get in your car and drive to Lakeport - about 2.5 hours away and visit Eric Barbour at Metasonix - he loves visitors who like his stuff