Modular Synthesis Applied Technique

In this example, I demonstrate how years of studying modular synthesizers applies and prepares me for being outdoors.


Trash_Audio & Xart: Synth Meet 6 Video

The video doesn't capture the perfectly honed chaos of the weather gradually turning to hell while 50 people came throughout the night. Nor does it appropriately acknowledge the effort that went into some of our guests put into coming from all corners of the United States. But here is some evidence of a successful evening with great people from all over the country. Thank you all for coming and making this the craziest and best synth meet we've had so far. Hail and horns! Look forward to the 7th synth meet in late Spring.
And since it's still Winter in Chicago, I'm going to Puerto Rico this week. Goodbye. F U.


Stretta: Free Modular Synth Library

Stretta has compiled a library of 120 bpm loops made showcasing the Z8000. I won't talk about something thats already well explained:

If you woke up this morning thinking, "Gee, I wish I could download two gigabytes of 120 BPM modular synth loops", I have some good news for you.
I've been using the TipTop Audio Z8000 for a while now, collecting material for a video, but I also kept a DAW file handy and recorded bursts of interesting output at various intervals. This process generated a lot of materal, but it is clear to me it would be more useful in someone else's hands.

120bpm modular loop library preview by stretta

- Download for yourself: HERE!


Interview with Scott Jaeger: The Harvestman...

Here's a great interview with Scott via electronicmusic.com

electronicmusic.com: Before we get started talking about The Harvestman, can you tell our readers a little about yourself, specifically your background in electronic music equipment production?

Scott Jaeger: I was born into brotherhood with a pair of hairfarmers - thrash is in my blood. The younger of the two (drummer) was gifted with a Casio SK-1 and some Synsonics drums in late 1986. That was my first hands-on encounter with electronically generated sounds.

- Full Article


Trash_Audio & Xart: Synth Meet 6 - Update

A major development to the already massive Trash_Audio & Xart Synth Meet 6 happening next Sunday, February 21st: As you can see from the updated flyer - Tony Rolando of Make Noise Music will be attending this synth meet and showing off his products. This addition makes it a true coast to coast event, Scott from Washington and Tony from North Carolina, and with the amount of response we've received this is hands down the biggest synthesizer meet and in the midwest this year! If you're interested in coming e-mail me at trash@thedeepelement.com and I'll see you there.


Tip Top Audio - Z8000

For the past week, I've seen this module popping up randomly on the intertubes and everyone was more confusing than the last. In an effort to try to explain the module to myself, I thought I'd leave the camera rolling. I break down the components and explain everything individually then show how things can get especially chaotic and inspiring. If you can't follow the video or don't understand - There are notes below that I followed during the video:

The Z8000 is composed of 10 separate sequencers that can run independently from each other.
Eight of the sequencers are 4 steps and these are indicated by the red lights
Four of these four step sequencers go horizontally.
The other four - four step sequencers go vertically.

The sixteen step sequences are indicated by two green lights and they both begin on the top left.
One of the sixteen step sequencers cycle through the matrix horizontally.
The other sixteen step sequencer cycles through the matrix vertically.

Some common attributes to all of the ten sequencers are:
The clock - which makes the sequencer move. All the sequencers can move to different clocks but the four step sequencers are bit different. For example the horizontal rows, 1/2/3/4, all follow row 1's clock. This link can be broken by inserting the clock into 2/3/4 or multiple clocks into multiple rows. This also applies to the vertical rows of a/b/c/d
Reset - when it receives signal it starts the sequence back at the beginning
Direction - when this jack receives a constant positive signal - it reverses the direction of the sequencer

Fitting in

Where does a modular synthesizer go in your studio? Some of the modulars are companions and some are centerpieces or are the entire studio.I figured I'll show you a fraction of what you're missing on the Muffwiggler forums since you don't know how to use the internet. Also, a REMINDER the T_A & Xart Synth meet with Grant Richter, Scott Jaeger and Suit & Tie Guy is a little over a week away. The e-mail is to the right if you're interested in coming, we have only a few spots left.

Droctave - New Jersey Shore, NJ

Coony - Belgium - Myspace

Tim Pebble - Wellington, New Zealand - Music of Sound

Dave Jones - Boston, MA - Attack Sustain

Rafael - Brooklyn, NY

Idealist - Zurich, Switzerland Myspace

Economic Slave - Norman, Oklahoma

dkcg Soundcloud

Richard Molyneux - Vancouver, Canada


Nordvargr & Surachai: A Wilderness of Cloades

The prolific Swedish artist Nordvargr and I have collaborated this past winter sending soundscapes back and forth until a product emerged: A wilderness of Cloades. It'll be released Spring 2010 on Old Europa Cafe with limited edition packaging. More details later as they emerge from the Scandinavian depths. For now, watch.

- Nordvargr
- Francis Kmiecik
- Bridget Driessen