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Hello all. I know most of you will skip these italic intro's but thanks goes out to Matrix of Matrixsynth and the em411 community for their support. We've been noticing people taking an interest in our (Justin and I) music projects and we'll be sure to be a part of this series as well. For now, I recommend past posts for any information on our projects and activities. There is a preview of Justin's upcoming release and a post about the making of my last one.

If you're in Chicago, Saturday the 27th, Justin and I will be at this party. I will be djing dance electro stuff, killing myself with a brief grind metal Surachai set and Justin will be playing new tracks that will force people to dance. Be sure to say 'hey' to us and make us feel cool. Just don't mention the words 'blog' or 'synthesizers' because girls already ignore me as it is. With all that said, I decided to release this a day early because we'll be busy through the weekend. Here is Dino Felipe and his workspace!

I started playing a nice Casio I got for X-Mas and singing along to it and recorded it when I was six.

What is your favorite piece of hardware at the moment?
I'm goin' crazy with this radio shack cassette recorder with pitch adjustment! I like it cuz it's easy to manipulate.

I'm totally prehistoric. Adobe Soundforge rules me. It's like a blank canvas.

How does your physical space and surroundings influence your workflow?
It depends what I'm on. My room is bright green, full of my friend's art, my art, photos, totally over saturated. I had my room some dead leaf looking color for like 4 years and it felt like it was draining my blood. So, I got all excited thinking some spring green would make me write more songs or some shit. There is red trimming, so it is Christmas all year long. I like having a lot of sound making stuff around and tape recorders around so when I am stuck, I look around and there usually be something that fits the puzzle, i use it, then voila. Tape recorder is vital. You never know when someones gonna come in bad tripping on LSD and everyone needs to record THAT and throw it in a song at least once, no?

What extra curricular audio projects to you have going on?
I do art shows once in a while. I have MANY musical projects with friends: Hair & Nails, FKTRN, Horse y Crow, Fantasy Roxx, Finesse + Runway (all on myspace 'cept hair & nails)

What was the first piece of hardware you remember obtaining?
The golden Casio when i was 6. I was scared to touch it for like 4 days. It terrified me. My mother put it on the dinner table as a surprise. Since I had always wanted one, it was quite intimidating. I walked up to it, then ran back to my room.(I did this like three times)but i REALLY freaked out when I finally hit one of the notes and realized my mother heard it. I really don't understand why I was horrified. It was funny though.

What is on your current 'wish list' for new hardware or software?
A nice wild analog generic as hell keyboard. I don't know if they made it yet. I am broke.

What does your live setup look like?
Tambourine, mic, vocal FX processor, crash cymbal, and CD player. Simple eh?

Where were you born and how did you end up in the location you currently reside?
Here in Miami as fuck Florida. I came back to this house cuz my landlord was tearing up my bathroom without notice .
I had to beg Otto von Schirach to drive up to Atlanta to bring me back home and he did. Thanks Otto.

Dino Felipe can be found on Schematic, Forced Exposure, Sublight Records, Nophi Recordings, Melted Mailbox, Clinical Archives, Marvellous Tone,and more.
Dino Felipe Music (This is loud, watch your volume)

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Anonymous said...

Great interview, cool pics. Loved the comment about friends over on acid. really funny. I had the phones on and at decent volume... when I clicked on the track I nearly had a heart attack! :) I was not expecting the explosion of sound quite so...er... explosively. It cleansed my palette. QUICK. so hats off (if I had a hat!)

antfactor, nyc

the deep element said...

Dino's music is definitely something I should listen to more. I think I'll get to it after this metal binge.

axiom-crux said...

That melted mailbox noise party was pimp, should do another one. I like your back porch

thomas said...

Thanks for taking my recommendation into consideration. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

this man is a great american

senor dino said...

great cuban-american....thanks man

Mars said...

I lived with Dino and played in Fantasy Roxx and the final FKTRN. Dude - they ripped up the ENTIRE HOUSE. I barely escaped with my LIFE!