Workspace and Environment: Michael Fakesch

Holy F! This interview has been collecting dust for more than six months and only last night did I realize that this has been in draft form since October. Don't worry, it's been worth the wait! I mean, you waited for this right?

I was born in Rosenheim and I still live there mainly for my wife and kid. I started doing music in 1992, 1995 my first records came out, since 1998 I am a professional musician. I work under the name Michael Fakesch (which is my civil name). My former band was Funkstörung which I did for 10 years together with Chris De Luca (we split up in 2006). I used to have a studio (actually just a 808, 707, 303, a effect and a mixer) together with Chris at his home, then after selling all hardware and buying a computer we worked in the basement at his parent's house. 5 years ago we rented a nice space in the heart of Rosenheim, still only using a computer and no hardware. Almost 3 years ago, Chris moved to Berlin and I stayed in the Rosenheim studio, buying more and more equipment...now it looks like a studio once again!

What is your current favorite piece of hardware?
My favourite toy is a brandnew Acidlab Bassline. It's a on-the-fly-programmable 303 clone, which was build by a old schoolfriend of mine (www.acidlab.de) it sounds like the original, looks cool, is cheap and the super intuitive programming is much better than on the original.

What is your current favorite software?
My favourite software is Cubase4 and Ableton Live....not suprising, isn't it? ;-) the audio editing in Cubase is just super great...love it! ableton has fantastic effects (like the warp-timestretcher and the beatrepeat) and it's just the best tool for jamming and playing live

How does your physical space and surroundings influence your workflow? I am living and working in a small Bavarian town near Munich called Rosenheim. It's boring, but has beautiful surroundings like the alps, forests and nice lakes. I got a kid and wife and I really enjoy my family life there...this keeps my feet on the ground and my concentration focused on my own music. the room itself doesnt effect the way I work...when i talk about my studio I mainly mean my computer...I am like being in a virtual space. every new software, every new hardware effects my sound,...at least for one song. I like trying out new tools, playing around with them... they are always inspiring.

Are you involved in any music/sound work outside of your own projects?
Since about 2 years I am doing loads of sound design and music for TV-Ads (like Toyota, BMW, Napster, Verizon, MTV, Tesco Mobile, Disney Channel). I also started doing soundtracks for films.

What was the first piece of hardware you remember obtaining?
A Roland TR 808! There were times where we couldn't live without switching on the 808 every day ;-)...but then we sold it, cause we needed the money for a computer and were kinda fed up with the 808 sound (we got infected by the digital world ;-)). At the moment I am really thinking of buying a 808 again...it's just beautiful and the sound never gets outta fashion.

What is on your current wish list?
A new Mac Pro with cinema displays...just waiting for the new model-line!

Do you have a mobile studio setup?
I got a macbook with cubase4 installed...don't need more!

Do you have a setup for live performances?
My kinda basic livesetup contains: a macbook, 3 Faderfox controllers, a M-Audio soundcard, an Acidlab Bassline, a Behringer mixer, 2 Kaosspads, an Electribe mx, a MPC1000 and a Yamaha DX200.

You can find Michael Fakesch here:michaelfakesch.com


felix said...

I love the open spaces and wood floors! That's my kind of pad...but it would look much messier if it were mine.

Oh...and how the holy fuck can work get done when there's a pinball machine in the house?!

surachai said...

I think work gets done with the pinball machine cause he has a machinedrum/monomachine there. There is another picture I didn't post with a foozball table. If my calculations are correct: he has at least one friend.

felix said...

Machinedrum *and* Monomachine *and* the pinball machine...I just soiled myself.