Tip Top Audio: Z8000 Matrix Sequencer

This sequencer has been getting me hyped for some time. Namely because my current sequencer system consists of three parts: The Doepfer A-155/A-154/A-151 that costs about $700 new and takes up 76 TE/HP of space. Price tag and space issues aside, this thing is great, it does everything I need it to do. Forward, backward, pendulum, random, one shots, all the normal things. It also does some strange things with enough patch cables and experimenting. But does it do everything I want it to do? Instantly controlled chaos off the bat? No. See the thing about Doepfer modules is that while they're instruments that perform their function - they need some inspiration and patience when approaching them. In other words, they're boring but still essential. Tip Top Audio, as well as other current modular manufacturers, are beautiful in their functionality and invite you to play with them, figure them out and have fun in the process. There are features that may take getting used to, for instance not having gate/triggers out but these are to be addressed with future releases or you can figure a way around it with its given 10 CV outputs. The obvious reasons to grab this instantly are in plain view, its compact, 57% the price of my current system and looks fun as hell.

Ok, very basic, just one sequencer out of 10 is used. The CV that goes to the VCO also triggers the EG, strange ahhh(: : - Gur from Tip Top Audio

My first few minutes with the Z8000 Prototype from GM on Vimeo.

This is the first completed Z8000 Matrix Sequencer/Programmer for Eurorack. The module is now finished and goes into factory production soon. Tiptop Audio plans to show this module at Winter NAMM 2010 and we should have stock by the end of January. The price should be about $395.
Pictures and Information: Analog Haven.


Namm 2010 + BBQ 5000 + Gig

The Trash_Audio boys are heading to LA/Anaheim once again in January 2010 for 'coverage' of the NAMM show. I use quotation marks because if you saw the last NAMM Video we made, you'd understand we're not exactly reporters. Hell, they wouldn't give us passes this year and after talking to many people, I'm finding out that NAMM is extraordinarily stingy on the passes this go around. Don't worry, the Trash_Audio team found a legitimate way in. We'll try to cover interesting new instruments and technology or at least make fun of them.

Since 2008, things have changed dramatically - We have more friends and we have more readers. With the said 'success' we are hosting a Trash_Audio BBQ Saturday the 16th in Anaheim with some of the modular synthesizer manufacturers, software synth manufacturers and the addicts they supply to. It'll be like the Totally Wired documentary except with a pool and grill.

I'll be playing downtown LA on Friday the 15th 2010. Here is an absolutely worthless link but hopefully it'll be updated as the date gets closer. HERE! So far, I know its John Tejada, Jimmy Edgar, Richard Devine, Deru, Drumcell, Acid Circus, Brion Trifon and much more.


Server Fossil

After sifting around my server for the past couple of days, I realized there was an album thats been in the dark for a few years and the only way you could download it was through Amazon or the iTunes store. I figured since I'm releasing the follow-up for free in a couple of weeks I might as well give this one out. Like the new one coming up, [co]sen_tasi is heavy electronics smothering twisted melodies. Click HERE for the download site.

Also, Trash_Audio will be at NAMM next month. There will be a synth BBQ! I'll be performing at party with tons of great artists like Deru, Richard Devine and much more. More information later.


Trash_Audio & Xart: Synth Meet 5 Video

This was our fifth synth meet that Xart and Trash_Audio has hosted in Chicago, Illinois about a month ago. I uploaded this video onto youtube a week ago and simply forgot that it just needed to be made public. There isn't anything particularly interesting about the video itself but the meets are always a great way to see friends and meet new like-minded folks. I recommend you come next time - just send me your e-mail address to trash@thedeepelement.com. Next time there will be a goal rather than tentative (but fun) tomfoolery.


Richard Devine Breaks In His Z-DSP

Mine will be waiting for me when I get back to Chicago but Richard just got his a few hours ago and is melting his face off.
"First experiment with the Tiptop Audio's Z-DSP module. Amazing range and detail with the delay time and feedback controls. This is one of the most amazing Euro rack modules I have ever played with. 8 time-based VC-Stereo-Delay algorithms. Running TR-808, and TB-303 through the inputs, Amazing!"

Tiptop Audio's Z-DSP Module from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Rammstein Vs. Cookie Monster Electroinc Toy...


Workspace and Environment: Henrik Nordvargr Björkk

I've been involved with music since the late eighties... I guess we were a bunch of smalltown boys with nothing better to do than drink beer, listen to music and hunt girls. Then some strange bands showed up - TG, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK to name a few. Everything changed after that.I am a man of many faces and projects... most known is probably MZ. 412. But I am mostly active as Nordvargr (my name BTW), Folkstorm and Toroidh. I have released some 100+ releases over the years on countless labels. I´d call Cold Spring, OEC and Neuropa my main lovers, but I occasionally go to bed with other labels.

There are many things I love to play, Bugbrand Weevils, MoogerFoogers, Audible Disease stuff etc... but there is one brand I really love - Crowphonics. The CR0-1 is so fun to play, it sounds awesome and it is very unpredictable (in a good way). Ibought three instantly, and now I am waiting for the new model to arrive...

Soundforge. Easy, sounds great and is very versatile.

Workspace and Environment
I work away from home a lot, so I prefer to make sure I can travel with my stuff. Almost everything I own has a case or bag so I can move it around. When it comes to where I work, it is irrelevant. I have tried recording in the basement at home to get an extra "dark vibe" etc, but really... it does not matter to me. When I record I am so focused on what I do that it really doesnt matter. But of course it would be cool to record at some wierd place sometime. Catacombs maybe?

First Piece of Equipment
A grey SH-101 back in ´86...

The Most Recent Equipment
I bought a few Moogerfoogers today!

Wish List
All Moogerfoogers, some Folktek stuff, a modular system... and the "unreachable" Buchla...

Live Performances
I dont play live that often, but last time I grabbed a laptop, a few pedals and a guitar...

Are You Involved With Sound Design or Composing for Film?
Not at the moment, but I have made music for theater and a few short movies. I´d really like to do more, but it is not something I come by often.

- Nordvargr.com
- Nordvargr Virb
- Resignation Virb