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Before I unleash Lusine, I would like to steal a second and say thank you to everyone who overwhelmed our blog the past two days, especially Matrix who linked us through Matrixsynth. We've had over five thousand hits from over sixty countries, including Mauritius, which I have never heard of until yesterday. We're currently sorting out artists that have responded and working on stories reviewing our gear, projects and parties. Again, thank you for the response and enjoy some Lusine.

What is your favorite piece of hardware?
Arp Odyssey. It sounds awesome and I've owned one for over 10 years and never gotten tired of it. I have two Odysseys, a Mark III, and a Mark I. The Mark I was a hand me down from my uncle that was broken. I ordered a 2 pole filter replacement from an online tech guy and soldered it in and then I did the Kenton CV/Gate/Filter mod as well. It works, but it still doesn't work perfectly. I'm still researching into how to fix it. The Mark III is the one I've had for 10 years. I haven't done any modifications. It works and sounds great.

Fruity Loops. I've been using it since '97. I would love for the guys at FL to make an external device that you could load your programs onto and use as a sort of MPC on steroids. They also need to integrate the Piano Roll sequencer with the Step sequencer in a more logical way. If they focused more on Spectral plugins natively it would be nice. And their Granular Device and time stretching tools could be enhanced with more features.

How does your physical space and surroundings influence your workflow?
I've just recently moved into a place where I don't sleep in the same place my studio is, so it's great that I can just go in and start working on music without having it feel cluttered. I like having everything at my fingertips. If it's out of reach and unplugged, it makes it a bit less convenient. I'd like to eventually have a patchbay so I can have even easier access to hardware.

What additional projects are you involved with?
I've worked on music for film in various capacities. Most recently with David Wingo on some film score work. We scored a movie called Snow Angels which comes out late winter or Spring directed by David Gordon Green. I've worked on some films in the past in LA, but in a music programmer capacity.

What is the first piece of hardware you got?
Yamaha Ry30. Still have it, don't use it. Awesome drum machine though.

What is currently on your wishlist?
Electric Guitar, maybe a Telecaster, and a cello.

What does your live setup consist of?
Laptop, midi controller, and Ableton Live.

What are distractions and influences to you?
Biggest distraction is probably procrastination, TV, football season. Biggest inspiration, hearing a great track or album that gives me ideas.

Lusine gew up in Dallas, Texas and now works out of Seattle, Washington. His work can be found on Ghostly International Records and Hymen Records.
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thomas said...

Heylo fellas. REally enjoying your blog and looking forward to future posts. One suggestion I have is to include a track to listen to of the the artist you are profiling. That would be a nice touch. Awesome, all the best.

the deep element said...

We were throwing the idea around and now it seems like we may have to pursue it. For the time being, we have included links at the bottom of the interviews to their pages where you can find the music. Sorry for the extra step, for now.

cbit said...

Excellent series.

I don't know if it's too late but here's a suggestion for a question that I think might give interesting replies:

"Can you describe an idea or technique that you're currently excited about exploring in your music?"

the deep element said...

That sir, is a good question. I might implement it with some of the following artists. The original intent is really about showing our personalities through our workspaces. So I may have to do 'real' interviews at another time.

Anonymous said...

very excited about this blog! thank you!

the deep element said...

Thank YOU! That actually means a great deal to us. We're hyped by the response we've gotten.

Crackpot! said...

Congrats on your latest endeavor, gentlemen. Fantastic blog. I'm looking forward to upcoming articles (edIT!).

Anonymous said...

open your window and throw out the TV.
don't forget recording the sound it makes clashing on the sidewalk.