Make Noise - RENÉ

Shit! When you think someone's figured it out someone else has another take on the same idea. The problem is: I'm not rich and it's because of things like this that will keep me in this financial state! Take an idea like the matrix synthesizer and get two great minds to interpret it and manufacture how they see the ideal matrix synthesizer and you get two products thats are related but will get you entirely different results. At this point it's whatever fits your needs and it's whatever gets you to your goal easiest. I'm excited to see this thing in action next week at NAMM and with a faceplate so I can actually understand what's happening

The new sequencer for modular synthesizers, designed by Make Noise and developed with yerpa58. A short bunch of clips I took one afternoon while beta testing. The patch is same for all clips. Doepfer A-110 controlled by RENÉ CV OUT, Square Wave applied to QMMG which is set to BOTH mode and controlled by RENÉ Gate-X and Gate-Y. The RENÉ sequencer is driven by 3 clocks. The master clock generated by the Wogglebug, and then divided by MATHS to create the second and third clocks. Come see the Make Noise RENÉ, MATHS, Wogglebug and QMMG at NAMM 2010, Analogue Haven Boothe.

Please meet RENÉ from MAKE NOISE on Vimeo.

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