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Happy Halloween all. I'd like to steal this space to tell everyone that the answers to the questions we ask are unaltered and that the only changes we do to the pictures is simple web compression. All material submitted to us is kept intact and posted with minimal interference by us. We are aiming to show the personality of the artists through their pictures and words. I think we've succeeded! Also, we're in the middle of getting a logo, look for that soon. We're getting a killer response from all over the world, so thanks to all the new and returning visitors and artists. We have so much more to go, so here is Jonbro!

I was born in Maryland, lived around DC, moved to Pittsburgh for school, started getting shows here with my band, stayed around because I had so many connections.
I have been doing the computer music for about 8 years. Before that, I took a few drum and cello lessons, and did quite a bit of choral singing, but it didn't really grab me in the same way.

First Hardware
My first piece of hardware was an EG101, part of the Roland MC 303 Groovebox series. It really sucked. Sucked hard. But at that point I was already into buzz, so it wasn't a big deal, I had a better studio on my computer then I could ever hope to afford. This is pretty much the way things have gone sense.

I am really excited to finish up the monome kit that I am building. The monome itself I am super pumped about, and it has also gotten me really into microcontrollers, so now I am looking forward to a whole pile of robotic/chip instruments that I am looking forward to building. Also the fact that this company was able to be sustainable making short run, high end, very simple computer interfaces is really inspiring. So my wish list is basically all of the things that I am dreaming up to build. Ah well, money can't buy you everything I guess.

Live Setup
My live performance setup is my drums (pretty stripped down kit, kick, snare, 1 rack tom, hi hat, crash/ride) GP2X running LGPT, and a mic and a monitor, because it is hard to find people that will hook me up with adequate monitoring at shows.

Environment and Workspace
My studio setup has been insane! I have been exclusively in the bedroom, then had it in a closet for a while, then moved back into the bedroom, now spread out all over the house. At this point it is kind of hard to remember where I left any particular piece of gear, especially if it is something important like a cable that I only have one of. Jonbro Music

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Anonymous said...

I think the 'towel on the back of the chair' is an essential part of any self-respecting studio.

I find that the one in mine is an integral part of controlling the acoustics of my studio!

Anonymous said...

re: towel

jon is a musical hitchhiker exploring the galaxy of sound.

jonbro said...

I would just like to point out that the situation has become much worse... there was a literal shit flood in the room that had the drums, and now I have moved everything into my bedroom.