Video_Output - Sequencing Distortion

I've been messing with my Machinedrum for a few weeks and think its excellent on all levels except distortion/heaviness, oh and lack of triplets. While this video predominantly showcases the sequencer as a live performance tool, I feel like the sound quality is what should receive focus as these sounds are a step outside of the Machinedrum distortion and sample rate reduction. The 'kick' is a weird Cwejman waveform being processed by the overdrive-esk Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer, the snare is being twisted by sample rate reducing The Harvestman Malgorithm and there are several other things going where the Tip Top Audio Z3000 are the sources. Of course I could've achieved these sounds in about 4 seconds on my computer or perhaps couple minutes on the Machinedrum but that wouldn't really justify why I've wasted my life and money on a modular system would it?


Pete Shambler said...

Great stuff, Surachai!

RDMV said...

"I've wasted my life and money on a modular system"

well you've totaly sold me.