Totally Wired

Strangely, Xart handed me this dvd earlier today while at his studio and when I got home I received this e-mail:

Dear Friends,
It gives me great happiness to announce at last the release of 'Totally Wired', a film about Schneiders Buero, now available on DVD from Amazon
To thank you for your patience and support, a 10% discount is available to you with the following code: FRLD3JPV
The film will also be available from HERE and in Schneiders Buero, Berlin.
All Tweets, Forwards, Adds and Posts would be greatly appreciated!
I hope you enjoy the film and look forward to your feedback.
Niamh Guckian, Director, 'Totally Wired'.

For sneak peaks and trailers, please visit Here
Totally Wired on Twitter: Here

Sneak Peek from 'Totally Wired' - Ken Macbeth from niamhguckian on Vimeo.

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