Crowphonics: Cro-1

During our last event, Trash Audio Synth Meet 3, there were a few things that caught my eye and strangely it wasn't the abundance of 3U or 5U modulars for some reason it was the Crowphonics Cro-1 mk1, aka the Scarecrow. Simply, it is another squarewave noisebox. I was never into noiseboxes in general, a self contained squelching box sounds limiting but as you can tell from the video, the box is quite versatile. It pushes out a beautiful frequency range that loves to make your chest resonate. It features 4 oscillators, some audio, some LFO's for controlling various parameters such as pitch and Attack/Release but the feature that gets me blowing my rape whistle is the Power Starve. This knob emulates a dying battery by limiting the power going into the box making all the functions change personalities. It creates wonderful subtle noises in the background I've never heard before anywhere else. Yes, its made of wood and its 97 British Pounds which equals about 150 bucks. That's a deal considering you can have this process external audio.

- Crowphonics

Tip Top Audio Z5000k is processing the Crowphonics signal before hitting the computer.

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