Harvestman: Hertz Donut

This is nothing terribly new as The Harvestman Hertz Donut Oscillator been announced and anticipated for quite some time but finally it's ready to be.... pre ordered. September, 7th 2009 marks the day where analog purists will start to question their equipments efficiency and functionality when this beast gets released. As with all Harvestman products, there are many special features which take its modules one step further and this oscillator is definitely a little more than a bleep producer. In layman's terms (aka the only terminology I'm familiar with) the module has a primary oscillator with a secondary modulation oscillator to enhance/destroy your sound. The secondary modulation oscillator can be routed to your primary frequency - creating FM synthesis within one module, shape - creating a psuedo waveshaping effects, and amplitude - which creates AM synthesis. All in one module.
Listening to the audio sample below I'm asking whether any of my single modules, be it digital or analog - hell, even my computer can do this? Up front, no. If I spent a great 30 minutes to patch something up, maybe... but hell I could've been using that time to be melting faces off.
Well, I have to clean myself off and try to go about my day... with that whole socializing and relating to other people on an emotional level.

- Technical info: Here
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Stupidtriangle by harvestman

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