Korg Monotron: Baseck + cEvin Key

Baseck is on tour in Japan with cEvin Key right now and that usually means one thing - searching for esoteric gear. I just thought this video was funny and am trying to legitimate reason for posting it. Imagine I wrote a long winded preface about how Japan is the leader in technology and how manufacturers choose to release a lot of products there first.

this is the korg monotron! i been drooling over it ever since i seen a video of it from musikmesse frankfurt. we found them in a shop in tokyo for $50 usd. cevin, djoto, alan, and i all bought one! this thing is ILL! such deep sub bass when it's hooked up to a system. i can't wait to rock it on my tour. here we were at the great buddha in kamakura japan. first monotron to ever visit the great buddha! :) what an amazing site it was. Thanks Korg for making another useful low cost pocket sized monster!!!

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David said...

That's really cool.