Tip Top Audio - Z8000

For the past week, I've seen this module popping up randomly on the intertubes and everyone was more confusing than the last. In an effort to try to explain the module to myself, I thought I'd leave the camera rolling. I break down the components and explain everything individually then show how things can get especially chaotic and inspiring. If you can't follow the video or don't understand - There are notes below that I followed during the video:

The Z8000 is composed of 10 separate sequencers that can run independently from each other.
Eight of the sequencers are 4 steps and these are indicated by the red lights
Four of these four step sequencers go horizontally.
The other four - four step sequencers go vertically.

The sixteen step sequences are indicated by two green lights and they both begin on the top left.
One of the sixteen step sequencers cycle through the matrix horizontally.
The other sixteen step sequencer cycles through the matrix vertically.

Some common attributes to all of the ten sequencers are:
The clock - which makes the sequencer move. All the sequencers can move to different clocks but the four step sequencers are bit different. For example the horizontal rows, 1/2/3/4, all follow row 1's clock. This link can be broken by inserting the clock into 2/3/4 or multiple clocks into multiple rows. This also applies to the vertical rows of a/b/c/d
Reset - when it receives signal it starts the sequence back at the beginning
Direction - when this jack receives a constant positive signal - it reverses the direction of the sequencer

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