Fitting in

Where does a modular synthesizer go in your studio? Some of the modulars are companions and some are centerpieces or are the entire studio.I figured I'll show you a fraction of what you're missing on the Muffwiggler forums since you don't know how to use the internet. Also, a REMINDER the T_A & Xart Synth meet with Grant Richter, Scott Jaeger and Suit & Tie Guy is a little over a week away. The e-mail is to the right if you're interested in coming, we have only a few spots left.

Droctave - New Jersey Shore, NJ

Coony - Belgium - Myspace

Tim Pebble - Wellington, New Zealand - Music of Sound

Dave Jones - Boston, MA - Attack Sustain

Rafael - Brooklyn, NY

Idealist - Zurich, Switzerland Myspace

Economic Slave - Norman, Oklahoma

dkcg Soundcloud

Richard Molyneux - Vancouver, Canada

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