Two Videos One Night

Its been an empowering past 24 hours. The Ekdahl Moisturizer arrived and I beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on single player. How does this empower me? Saving the world while knowing that the Moisturizer is in the other room takes some serious dedication, so... you try doing that and get back to me. Though after wasting a bunch of time playing games, I figured i'd waste more time by making videos of trying to figure out these instruments I recently acquired. All of the audio in these videos were recorded with a RME Fireface UC interface with some audio from the camera mixed in.

Empress Ekdahl
The Ekdahl Moisturizer and the Empress Super Delay meet for the first time today! You'll see me trying to figure out the Ekdahl as I run it through the Empress Super Delay and figured some people may find a video useful somehow. On the Empress I'm using the tape setting then switch to loop about halfway through the video to see how the Ekdahl stacks on itself. There are a lack of videos of the Ekdahl anywhere let alone showcasing it as a performance instrument, which is primarily why I'm obsessed with it. Works out nicely!

Tip Top Audio Sandwich
I received the WMD Geiger counter earlier last week and wanted to see how nicely it played with the others. On the front end are two Tip Top Audio Z3000's feeding into a WMD Geiger Counter, Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer and a Harvestman Malgorithm. Those are then being run into a Make Noise QMMG which feeds the Tip Top Z2040 Filter and ends up in the Z5000 DSP unit. Its repetitive, I know but this was an exercise on tonal brutality - using the Tip Top audio as the bread and the 3 most amazingly destructive modules as the meat.

Also, there is the Trash_Audio Synth Meet 5 happening this 15th, a Sunday. Shoot me an e-mail if you're in Chicago and interested in coming.