Make Noise - modDemod Revision

Make Noise sent over prototypes of the modDemod to mess with and give feedback for. I'm not sure how I've actually helped but I had a hell of a time getting some crazy sounds of this insane module. The model in the video should be one of the final versions minus the missing faceplate. I'm using the inverted out (red cable) and the sequence/notes are going between both of the moddemod's channels using both the modulator and carrier. I had a couple of questions for Anthony and here he is:

What are the modDemods key features?
Soft clipping thanx to hand selected Germanium diodes. Direct Coupled for use as CV processor. Normalizations for use as wavefolder and octave up/ down effect. Make-Up gain for easy integration to the system. Small and yet not so harmless. New PCB had to be drawn so as to utilize the new mini-jacks (I no longer use Cliff sockets). I figured I would make it more fun (normalizations for wave-folding and octave up/ down) and easier to incorporate into the system (make up gain).

What do you personally find using most in the revision?
I find myself plugging a guitar (via doepfer A-119) for the "octave up/ octave down." Voltage controlled polarizer for use with MATHS to create complex control schemes. Shortwave radio effects. Listening to Blizzard of Oz, modulated.

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