Necrophagy Tour: This Week!

If you're on the West Coast, Dj Skull Vomit (Tony from Eustachian), Baseck and Surachai are coming this week.
Monday, tonight, we'll be melting Seattle at Rebar, Portland at Plan B on Tuesday, San Francisco at 5lowershop on Thursday, LA at The Smell on Friday, LA with Droid Behavior Saturday and Creative Space on Sunday.
We'll be playing alongside Captain Ahab at The Smell in LA, Kid606 at the Droid Behavior 7 year anniversary party, and at Creative Space. If you think three dates back to back in L.A. is a lot, you're right but each night we're doing something different. At the Smell we'll be doing our standard tour style. At Droid, Tony and I have a joint set where we'll merge sets. At Creative Space we'll be more focused on metal as the venue will have other metal acts that night!
A few days after the tour I'll be playing with Venetian Snares and Wisp at Reggie's in Chicago. Then I'll go into hibernation. You're welcome to join.

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