Workspace and Environment: John Mayer

Well, of course I am not completely serious, only half serious as John wouldn't really fit in with our on-going list of weirdos and hermits that make up the typical Workspace and Environment article. However, some mysterious and evil force tossed me directly onto a blog John is running right now that is actually kind of interesting and relevant to OUR interests. It's a blog that is all about the construction of a new studio called 'Battle Studies' and, as he puts it...

It's a house, in a clandestine location,
that's being converted into a music studio.
No, not a music studio.
An entire music experience.
A living, breathing, ever-evolving organic space that contains every part of the record making process.
Everybody involved has left their comfort zone. Including myself.
I need to be disoriented again.

I'm going to share as much as I can with you throughout the entire process. Notes, lyrics, sounds, pictures, ideas, videos.

Check it out and be sure to catch the video of John doing computer music on an MPC...

- John Mayer: Battle Studies Blog

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