Trash_Audio: Gathering

We changed the date! Come hang out! Justin and I are planning to have a Chicago Synth Meet at his place on Saturday, May 16th starting at 5pm.

This is a perfect opportunity to network within the electronic instrument Chicago crew. We encourage you to bring out your friends, even if they have no idea what we're talking about. While bringing your modular/ synth/ keyboard/ drum machine/ whatever-makes-noise is not necessary, we highly encourage it. BYOB but if you spill it on someone's synth, Justin has a fireplace and you'll never be found...

We will supply mixers for you to plug into, electricity, some headphones, tables and a pair of monitors - other than that, bring what you need including controllers, patch cables and the like.

E-mail me at trash(at)thedeepelement(dot)com and I'll pass you the essential information to have a killer time!

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