Noisesource Builds Miniwave

While riding my bike in Chicago and between dodging cars and cracks in the road, I sometimes have internal monologues. "You know what you need right now at this very precise moment? 256 waveforms. Not 255 or 257 waveforms, THAT wouldn't make ANY sense. WHOA CAR!" Luckily fellow blogger buddy noisesource has just finished constructing and converting a Blacet Miniwave to a Eurorack format. It's an incredible resource for those who want to dive into building kits and stay pale. You can read about his experience on his blog over HERE. As for the complexity of the build, try to my imagine my thingmamaKIT experience x666.


nitro2k01 said...

That about 256 waveforms... I don't know if were sarcastic or something, but 256 is number of states an 8-bit binary number can represent. So if for example you're reading a control signal with an 8-bit ADC, you can get 256 possible values, so it's a natural number.

surachai said...

Yes, I was being sarcastic. Thanks for your example, I always associate 8 bit with 256 colors for some reason.

erroneusnickname said...