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*update* - I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased the sample pack so far! Hope you're enjoying it! Drop me a line if you have questions or comments!

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to produce a pack of samples that would've been sold for about $40 a download. I would've been compensated with $1250 (that's about 12 Euros, 2 Pounds or 5 billion Yen) but after many months of spotty communication and general shady activity, I decided to step away and release the pack through Trash_Audio for a quarter of the price.

The samples were recorded at 24 Bit, 44,100 Khz, have a root in A and are sequenced at 120 BPM. I used only my modular synthesizer and analog delays in the production of the sample pack. I'm not proud of many of the melodic folders because of their obvious annoying riffs (which include transposed Slayer solos) though apparently these are what people are drawn to when purchasing a sample kit. Whenever I use a kit I always search for the one shot section but seeing as I was catering to an Acid/Garageband demographic, I had to include many folders I generally delete off the bat. With my preferences indulged, I included one shots, chromatic folders, REX loops and other folders. Originally these samples were to be excluded which I find particularly strange and extremely limiting. Hopefully someone finds a use for some of that melodic mess! The process took a couple weeks of refining from following their vague instructions.

Samples are arranged into the following folders: Arpeggiators, Bass, Drum One Shots, FX, Hi Hats Loops, Kick Loops, Leads, Mixed Beats, Pads, Percussion Elements, Rex Loops, Single Note Synths, Snare Loops, Synth Trails. Honestly, I have never seen sample packs with Snare Loops or Kick Loops. These files are essentially separated multitracks from a 2 bar drum sequence and in my opinion, a really strange inclusion. Then again, I've never used Acid or Garageband as a primary DAW, so it probably makes sense to someone.

To sum it up: for 10 bucks you get:
907 files, 592 Mbs of modular synthesizer samples.
Recorded at 24 Bit, 44,100 Khz, AIF Format

Surachai Modular Kit - $10
Download Preview: Here

Have questions or comments? Student or strapped for cash? Discounts available. E-mail me at trash@thedeepelement.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks. i'll checks these out. Im sure I can put them to good use.


enjoy the $10

surachai said...

Thanks for throwing down. Let me know how it works out for you. I'd love to hear how everyone is using it.

BirdFLU said...

I never use or even check out the loops part of sample packs either.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Surachai, I will use it maybe for an introduction of a concert in Paris. It's a group of Metal Hardcore. And they want, in concerts and for the album, strange ambiance and electronic sounds. I like what you do. Mix between Noise and Metal.
So your samples can help me to create something interesting, and mix it with my evolver, machine drum, v-synth… I'have no hardware modular (argh).
Sorry for my bad English, I hope to do a concert with you (in France or everywhere)


surachai said...

birdflu: This kit would have been all loops with not a single one shot or even REX file if it were released originally.

Pandore: There are pretty strange FX and percussion loops on here that I think you'll like. Whenever I'm in France I play for this crew: http://musikmekanik.free.fr Super nice people that love to party. Maybe I'll see you next time I'm there!

rrobb said...

hi, just a thought (after I grabbed some via flicker) put some photos in with the 'Surachai Modular Kit' download, logo portrait, the gear, give the folder a custom icon. you know.

surachai said...

Hey thanks for picking it up! While it would've been nice to include those visual implementations, I decided to make this bare bones and straight to the point. All the horrible quality pictures are already here on this post - the only place where you can buy this kit.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop a quick note to recommend the sample pack. The quality and variety is decent and that was discounting the loops which I mostly wouldn't use. Whichever way you slice it, it's good value.


surachai said...

Seems like no one wants the loops, not even me! I'm glad you dig the one rest though. Have fun with it.

vorbe said...

Bought this a few days ago, really nice material for sound design style glitches.

Long time reader of the blog also, just gotta say I really appreciate the stuff you guys post, it's always a great read.

surachai said...

Thanks much Vorbe! That means a lot to us! I'm going to start spamming artists soon with Workspace and Environment invitations, so hopefully your winter will be a decently read one.
Also, I'm glad you can find something nice in the sample bank! I've been receiving many e-mails praising the sample bank, thanks so much for throwing down guys!

bititi said...

WAV anyone?

[tlr] said...

I want to get this. And I feel pathetic, being unsure if I can afford a 10$ purchase. Maybe next month I'll be less poor.