Should You Worry About Digital Drugs?

ABC news has an excellent article about the upcoming dangers of "Digital Drugs."

"...websites are targeting your children with so-called digital drugs. These are audio files designed to induce drug-like effects. All your child needs is a music player and headphones. "

Of course, there is some aspect of reality here. I am sure a lot of people are aware of the concept of Binaural Beats in which two slightly different frequencies played in each ear through headphones are combined into one pulsating sound in your brain. This is said to help with meditation and relaxation activities.

So what do your Digital Drugs sound like? Use the email on the right and submit your best effort at creating an illegal digital substance, we'll then post the results and have a big digital drug potluck together.

*Update* Here are some excellent free samples including audio versions of an acid trip, peyote and an orgasm from i-doser.com.


Jonathan said...


could someone please find me a pair of headphones capable of reproducing any of those frequencies???

LT said...

Your Brain On Drugs

noisetheorem said...

Digital drugs? wow...really must have been a slow news day. I mean, talk about fearing what you dont understand (digital technology).

but what I really want to comment on is the fact it sounds like you MUST have stereo perception in order to be effected by these drugs. I am stone def on the left side. Does this mean I am therefore immune?

Anonymous said...

what's a straight edge boy supposed to do? There are no Minor Threat songs about digital drugs. I guess having a 7hz-binaural-peyote-orgasm is fair game.

slippage said...

Wow, would you believe I was explaining binaural beats to my girlfriend just last night and telling her how I wanted to get back in to using. I would use while I was running on the elliptical and honestly it would take me away from myself and I wouldn't even realize that I was covered in sweat and sprinting for 30 minutes.*
*some claims may be exagerated

for your abuse: http://pantheon.yale.edu/%7Ebbl2/GnauralJavaApplet_signed.html

nitro2k01 said...

I actually don't think the news article was very good - it exaggerated the risks in the typical conservative I-hate-everything-that-has-to-do-with-drugs way. I haven't yet tried I-doser et al, but I've known about the phenomena long since. I think a better way of doing it would be to actually incorporate it into music. With the help of cleverly designed synths and effects the same kind of effects can probably be achieved, with the benefit of actually sounding good.

BirdFLU said...

Be scared. Be scared of EVERYTHING!

So at the end of article the author says how the digital drugs are just as dangerous as the real ones completely ignoring that, with the digital ones, you need to be wearing headphones the whole time, taking the headphones off will stop the effects (or, to be negative, if you're having a major freak out you'll probably lose your headphones anyways), real drugs chemically alter your body systems to achieve the effect on the brain and can leave residue in your body fat, etc. I'm sure more knowledgeable people can tear this article apart.