Passive Modules Placement

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Aside from 'What is that?', one of the most frequently asked question I receive about my modular is how I put my Multiple up on the top left of my case. A few modules (like the Make noise moddemod) are passive and don't require power from the bus board thus making it possible to jam them anywhere! I read on the Doepfer forums that the top and bottom panels are made of hard wood. With that knowledge, I found some random threaded nails about an inch and a half long and manually screwed them to the top panel. While my random nails worked out for me, I've suggested people go to a hardware store with their module and find a couple of threaded nails that are long enough to comfortably dig into the wood yet thin enough to fit through the holes. Also, the lid still closes if there is a patch in the wood mounted modules. So, instead of wasting valuable real estate in your case, stick it in your wood!
*Yes, I'm aware that my camera eats it. My normal one broke and I have no plans on replacing it.


felix said...

Nice! Clever idea with the threaded nails.

When I had my A-100P cases, I was ready to start mounting all my 4HP modules along the top and bottom of the cases. I was going to router out the wood so that the modules would mount flat...and there's plenty of power cable length to plug it into the bus boards.

Then I sold them.

Now...I have this! http://felixinferious.blogspot.com/2008/08/official-member-of-monster-case-club.html

timmah said...

very nice.
is there still room to put the lid on with patch cables plugged in?

timmah said...

blyad, delete that, i need to learn to read :)