Live Setup and Stalking

A quick picture of my setup from this weekend. It's nothing extravagant just two pedals (Deluxe Memory Man and ThingmamaKIT) larger than my European setup. I should draw in heat wave squiggles to emphasize how hot that room was but you'd probably mistake them for stink squiggles. Though I have to admit that screaming is a bit easier with sweat in my eye.

More importantly (as you can tell by the size [it matters]), there always is Shannyn Sossamon. You know something is wrong when you're looking at the picture to the left longer than below. Get your priorities straight!


felix said...

Nice, what do you use the Macbook for? Are you recording the live performance? I want to hear some live recordings!

Have you seen Catacombs?

You need to see it. Shannyn Sossamon + Paris catacombs. Need I say more?

surachai said...

I heard that movie was horrible. I gotta find it! That Macbook is my drummer, guitarist and groupie. My NAMM After Party performance was recorded. Send your screen name to the e-mail address to the right and it'll be yours!

ed said...

On that note, she plays drums in a band (not too bad from what I've heard):


surachai said...

Wow. We have a team of stalkers here. Makes me feel less of a creep. Thanks for the heads up ed! I'm going to see if they want to be part of the Workspace and Environment series.... But then that would mean I'd have to delete a few posts.... Crap.