Eliot Lipp on XLR8RTV

One of our past Workspace and Environment buddies, Eliot Lipp, was interviewed by XLR8R. If you're too lazy to watch the video, it follows him to his studio in New York and runs through his typical day which, not surprisingly, reminds me a day of mine. You can check out his interview with us: Here!!

XLR8R TV Episode 70: Eliot Lipp from XLR8RTV on Vimeo.


Justin McGrath said...

justin: why do i hate windows? cause the video on our site only plays if my mouse is in motion,
surachai: hahahahah
surachai: WHAT THE HELL
jusin: i am seriously spinning my mouse in circles to watch the lipp video, and right now, it's paused cause i am typing.
surachai: hahahahahahahah
surachai: i need to videotape this

surachai said...

It was all a dream.