Live audio_Output: Sanctum

Coming up this Sunday in Chicago is a pretty interesting experimental/electric group known as Sanctum. Their official description mentions "combining harsh sounds with the more beautiful and light" but you can hear for yourself on their myspace page and the official site here.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jan would do a Workspace piece. You can see part of his studio/shop in the podcast on their website.

Hope to see you there!

Justin McGrath said...

How did the show go?! I was out of town all weekend otherwise I would have been there....

Anonymous said...

This is a shorter version of my post to the CMI list:

After a great set from local artist, Aphorism (IDM/Electro), Mago (w/ Jan and Ulrika) played a 30 minute set. Very strong. Included a couple new pieces. Häkan joined them to wrap the set up with "Thought There Was Something More". Perfect primer for Sanctum.

Sanctum played about 45 minutes. They poured everything into that show! I was amazed that Häkan could speak at all afterwards. Joakim's (of Counterblast) energy was fuel for the fire. The oldest song they played was "In Two Minds (Fungus Version)" from '98. The set list was mostly from 'Let's Eat', with 3 or 4 new tracks. The newest material is VERY noisy, without actually being PE. I know Jan composed most of it with simple tone generators and bent-circuits. Add big, fat Zeppelin-style drums, and gutteral screaming, and you start to get an idea. Ulrika's video was a great backdrop for the noise onstage.

Really looking forward to the next release. (BTW: Jan says it has to be done by August, as he's going back to school for a two-year masters degree in media).

It was great meeting some local folks, also! Met Gremlin and Sprite from Kinetic (who I'm almost sure lost money on the deal), and Nathan from Emulsion.

Sorry you couldn't make it, Justin, after our near-meeting at TTA's Millennium set. ;^)