Update: Africa Hates Trash_Audio

I'm not sure if this qualifies as Africa or the Indian Ocean but we'll take it!! There has been sole visitor from Mauritius for a while and if it weren't for this blog, I would have no idea where/what it is. Go ahead, click on that link and pretend you knew all about Mauritius since grade school. Don't forget to be condescending towards everyone who didn't know which has to be 99% of the population. If you are this person, drop an e-mail to the right. If you are not this person, feel free to drop and e-mail and say hello!

Oh right... we're an audio blog or something. So this is Justin's Cwejman acting as a pillow for my Doepfer.


J.w.M. said...

That's a sexy Cwejman/Doepfer duo.

Chris Rooney said...

how did you mount that mult up there? I want to do something similar but I don't know anyone who's done that. btw I've been enjoying your youtube channel, you need to post more music, I especially like it with the sped up footage it adds a visual edginess which compliments your music.


surachai said...

The top and bottom panels are made of wood. If you find some threaded screws that fit through the holes then you're set! They are passive modules and don't require any power in order to function. Have fun!

David Channe Vy said...

Salutations from the sunny island of Mauritius guys!! :)

WOW! Glad to see you're monitoring closely who visits your blog.. ;) Unfortunately, there aren't many synth enthusiasts on the island. And looking at your visitors map, I do feel like some sort of Robinson Crusoe in the middle of the ocean...hehehe...

I discovered thanks to Matrixsynth). And I do occasionally (...) come back for more gear porn, workspace and environment pics! :) No worries, you're in my bookmarks!! ;)

Anyway, Justin+Surachi...keep up the good work!