Tip Top Audio - Z-Burn Debut

Because most of you aren't members of the Muffwiggler forum, I'm acting as a middle man most of time with these posts. Here is another such example. Tip Top Audio has announced their Z-Burn device that will work between a Z-DSP module and your computer with a usb cable. This is the first instance of open architecture for modules and I can't wait to see what people start programming. No date or price yet but it's time to get excited.

In Gur's words: "It is a table top device with a USB connector and it comes with a Mac software (and yes, we will make PC version too.... ) that reads programs and allow you to burn your own cartridges and develop programs if you wish to. We plan to have a page on the TTA site that will hold programs for free download. This is btw. why we do not release the reverb cartridge as you will have some nice reverbs for free download there.

There are already few customers who got a Programmer directly from us and are writing some programs, I hope they will contribute to the free library we want to develop on the site."

- Tip Top Audio

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