Selected Discography at FiXT

All of our releases are now available all at one place, FiXT, which is great because our catalog of releases on shade:red was scattered all over the internet.

Polyfuse - No One Will Come Save Us
Polyfuse's 'No One Will Come To Save Us' was an experiment in analog electronic sound. All normal creative practices were thrown out in place of something more immediate. The whole collection was completed with the most minimum setup possible* and captured in such a way that it could not be altered after the original performance. Take it, turn it up, set it free.
*x0xb0x, TR-808, Moog Prodigy, Grundig G5 (A shortwave radio), Line6 DL-4 pedal, TubeWorks RT-901 overdrive pedal, Alesis Ineko and a TC Electronics M300 all plugged into a small 10 channel mixer.

Justin McGrath - The Night That Laid Still
The Night That Laid Still' is the third and final solo release from Justin McGrath, who has now moved on to other projects such as Polyfuse. This EP of atmospheric ambient sound is reminiscent of NIN's quieter moments, with acoustic elements created by piano and strings meandering throughout. Purchases of the full EP include an 8 track bonus EP of remixes, 'Reconstructions'.

Free Polyfuse Tracks and Albums:
One Quiet Moment (Single) (39.2 MB)
20 minutes of dark analog ambient music

The Persistent | The Unobtainable (Album) (91.8 MB)
An experimental album that was never completely finished, now yours for the taking

Incendiary Device (Single) (9.2 MB)
A free single from the upcoming album 'The Speed Of Forever'

The Deep Element - Lapses
Surachai's second release as IDM/Ambient/Post Rock project The Deep Element. Includes a cover of Clint Mansell's "Stay With Me".

The Deep Element - Currents
Before Surachai embarked on an exploration of brutal grindcore noise with his self titled project Surachai, the multi-talented musician experimented with glitchy, warm downtempo and IDM as The Deep Element. This debut album features covers of Karmakanik, jonbro, and Björk. Artwork by Sarah Lynn Wielusz.

Surachai - Decrepit
After two EPs of absolutely brutal analog noise-infused grindcore, Surachai's fourth release returns to the purely experimental analog glitch soundscapes of his first album. Six tracks with corresponding artwork by Bridget Driessen follow the cycles and stages of a plagued memory.

Surachai - Designed Deficiency
Surachai's third release continues to explore the grindcore-analog noise mix that appeared on the preceding EP, a genre the artist calls Plague Metal. Bridget Driessen also returns to contribute beautiful artwork once more.

Surachai - Programmed Cell Death
On his second release, Surachai takes the glitchy analog noise experimentation of his first album and wraps it around some truly traumatizing grindcore metal. Artwork by Bridget Driessen.

Surachai - Form
Surachai, who has previously created warm, downtempo IDM as The Deep Element and as one half of [Co]sen-tasi, throws listeners for a loop and runs in the opposite direction with his new self-titled solo project, Surachai. This first album contains fourteen tracks, each an experimental exploration into harsh, overdriven analog noise that altogether form a continuous 21-minute piece.

[co]sen_tasi - Cycled Seances
A followup EP to 2007's Clarity in Japanese, Cycled Seances continues the IDM/downtempo/jazz fusion collaboration of analog noisemaker Surachai and jazz musician Jonathan Paul Robles.

[co]sen_tasi - Clarity in Japanese
Surachai, known for his downtempo/IDM project The Deep Element and his eponymous grindcore/analog noise counterpoint project, has also collaborated with jazz musician Jonathan Paul Robles to create [co]sen_tasi, a downtempo/IDM sound with elements of analog glitch and jazz fusion. This is their first album.


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