Necrophagy Tour: Evidence

This video serves its purpose of archiving some things that have happened over the past 3 weeks - but admittedly is kind of boring since I was more interested in landscapes and pets than humans. The more I watch this, the less sense it makes which is fine because this tour was a blur of laughter and I'm over editing the footage. Have fun trying to figure out what the hell I've been doing for the past 3 weeks.

More importantly than this video is the fact that Trash_Audio is 2 years old! I'd like to steal some space to thank you all for e-mails of support, encouragement, corrections and questions. The only benefit of running a blog with Justin is connecting with people and I believe we're in the process of doing that on larger scales soon. Thanks for reading.


Machinate said...

lol, and apparently this ended with what, some kind of summit at AH? Wow!

Great video, nice summary of moments - thanks for sharing!

surachai said...

A few weeks before the tour, I arranged a synth meet in downtown LA. And on a sunday afternoon Livewire, Tip Top Audio, Monorocket and a slew of artists came. It was amazing to see everyone in one place.

jan said...

Happy Birthday, dear Trash_Audio! I'm still a fan, keep the good staff coming.
btw, that naked cat is fucking scary!

Federico said...

great guys!!!!
thank for the beautifull work you are doing with trash audio...it it has become my daily dependency

Anonymous said...

what's with the hand gun shit - dildoes I can deal with