Tip Top Audio: Z2040 Audio Demos

I worked on some demos for the Tip Top Audio Z2040 and they can be found: Here!
Since it's there are no details on the Tip Top Audio page, I'll take a second here to explain how the Z2040 fit into these tracks.

- Plagues was done in the typical Surachai fashion: Jamming a bunch of synths tracks together with a metal ensemble plus a little devil worshipping and viola. Specifically though, on the synth side there is a lot going on actually and the patch was too large for me to remember. It was one of those patches where every module in my system was used and the output was being filtered with the Z2040 at the output.
- Thirteenbreaths was a simple track using only two Z3000's, Z2040, Logic's crappy piano and some ghost sauce.
- Tacid was composed live with Justin McGrath on the Xoxbox and two Z3000's then later edited down. Everything was being run through the filter except the drums and Justin's attitude.
- Bpshiedv1 was actually an old track sitting on my computer for a few years with parts laid out for strings and winds. I tried to recreate a orchestral feeling using only the Z3000's and the Z2040 filtering them.
All these tracks were done in a course of a week and are mixed with a 'demo' mentality. Enjoy.

Find out more information on Tip Top Audio: Here!

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