Remixes of Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto #1 by Electronic Artists Live @ Millenium Park

Chicago: Monday, 6.15.09 @ 6:30pm

The New Millennium Orchestra of Chicago and Chicago Symphony cellist Katinka Kleijn performs remixes of Shostakovich's Cello Concerto #1 by three electronic artists: The Abominable Twitch (Max Glascott), The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan) and EVAC (Jeremy Goldstein). The evening is rounded out with performances by Accessible Contemporary Music's Palomar Quartet and percussion quartet, Third Coast Percussion.

Basically, each of us (Flashbulb, Abominable Twitch, EVAC) reworked one movement from Shostakovich's Concerto #1 (for Cello) and The New Millennium Orchestra will be performing each of the pieces live on June 15th @ 6:30pm in Millennium Park. It should be fantastic, so please turn up if you can! - Jeremy (EVAC)

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I'll be going, use that email on the right if you are too, maybe I'll share some cheese with you. (@surachi, you going?)

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