Tip Top Audio: Z2040

I know Gur has been working on this for a little bit, insisting that this particular filter is the shit, next month we will be able to confirm that it is indeeduhlee so. Pop on over to Tip Top Audio to .... basically see what I just posted below. Can't wait to tell you what he has in store after this....

We are happy to announce our next module in the Z series: The Z2040 A 24db 4-Pole Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter, an implementation based on the original US patent of the SSM2040 filter chip used in the Prophet 5 Rev2 synthesizer. The Z2040 also adds a lot of extra features on top of the original 4-pole discrete OTA core allowing extra modulation capability, extended flexibility and control over this deep cut-off low pass filtering core. The Z2040 is capable of producing thick, overdriven grit as well as warm, smooth sweeps. The Z2040 will be available through Analogue Heaven and Schniders Beuro starting June 20

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