Macbeth - Diving Into Euro Format

I've always separated oscillators and modules into two categories, traditional music and sound design. Naturally many modules are in both categories but some insist on staying in one category such as this Macbeth 3U X- Series Dual Oscillator below. This is the most musical/old school oscillator module I've probably heard though I'm sure this thing can get mental very easily like his M5N. I'm excited to see that Macbeth has taken the plunge from the 5U format into the more road friendly 3U Euro format!
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Regarding the *patch*- basically I recorded this this neeat from my monitors acoustically into the tiny speaker of my D90 camera. There wasn't really a patch as such- just 1V/Oct CV in- and three different recordings of dual square wave outputs, oscillator internal synch, and some sawtooth lead stuff. The Oscs are going thru the 5U 'backend' filter prototype which is mostly wide open. Being the end of the day- I wanted to recorded with some delay and let rip!
There are seperate external sync inputs on this thing and one internal synch between the two oscs via a panel switch- this internal synch gives some pretty searing lead stuff! This was effectively the first time I fired up the 3U dual osc to record with- I wanted to show via vid- just what fun the 10 turn freq pots are. They are really playable- and finding fifths, thirds, ninths etc are very easy to do after playing around with them mad style. The 10 turn pots are compulsive!

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