Volta: Official Website Active

The Volta page on Motu's website became active today and you can see it Here! It's listed as $249 which means that most places will carry it around 200 bucks. Anyways, I'm pumped to see such a great tool for all of us modular heads to indulge and help us create but also am realistic that this is a heavy investment since you need a MOTU interface.

Double click on the video to see it in action. Actually do yourself a favor and watch the other videos they have. The one below is goofy.


jmdumas said...

i don't think you absolutely need a MOTU interface. the site says:

"An audio interface with DC-coupled outputs, such as any MOTU FireWire, USB2, or PCI audio interface with quarter-inch TRS outputs."

this should work with my RME. sweet!

surachai said...

Careful!! Be sure to read this thread about interfaces that pass the DC voltage test before grabbing Volta. Seems like the RME Fireface 400's headphones put out enough signal to work Volta but the main outputs don't. http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2904

jmdumas said...

thx for the link. i really hope my Fireface800 works with Volta. RME says the 800 does have DC coupled outputs but yeah, i should probably make sure first.

Anonymous said...

i just made some tests using some drawn waveformsamples played from my MPC. The Doepfer modules responds with no probs whatsoever
cheers and thanks for a interesting blog