Random Visual: Venetian Snares

There are a significant amount of reasons to not participate in the Workspace and Environment series and every single one are valid. Even when artists show hesitance, there is a glimmer of gearslut pride. Aaron pointed me to his modular on his myspace. I've had this picture on my desktop for a few months and was sick of looking at it, so up onto the server and off my harddrive it goes! I'll be sure to corner him next time and feed him pills to get some answers.


dyLAB said...

nice looking machines

MrDys said...

Interesting choice to have Modcan A gear with 1/8" jacks rather than banana...or rather than Modcan B.

steve said...

those modcan modules might be converted to 1/4 or 1/8, hard to tell but it looks like there are nuts/washers around the jacks and the modcan A series don't have those around the banana plugs.