Flight of Harmony: Plague Bearer Quad

Flight of Harmony is reintroducing only 3 more quad Plague Bearers for sale. These things sold relatively quick because of the great price and the quality of total destruction it wreaks. While this is tempting on my side, I already have a army of distortions that would be a formidable match for the quad Plague Bearer. I can vouch for Flight of Harmony's quick, professional and friendly transaction. The demo below is annoying but it shows the power of a single Plague Bearer.

Hey everyone,
I'm trying to get the cash together to release some modules, so I'm offering three more original quad Plague Bearers.

Web page: Flight of Harmony
$240 each + S&H (U.S. default, $9.50 USPS Priority)
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Contact: flight(at)flightofharmony(dot)com

Flight of Harmony: Plague Bearer Demo from surachai on Vimeo.

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