audio_ Output: Alessandro Cortini - Bucha Lecture

An interesting audio article from Synthopia, where Alessandro goes back to his roots of teaching/lecturing except this time the subject is specifically about him. He goes in depth about his recent history as the keyboardist in one of the most popular bands on the planet and also with his fixation and transitions on music technology and how it applies in his daily life. Alessandro talks about modular synthesizers and specifically demonstrates the Buchla. What's interesting to me is his ability to express how he first approached and eventually grasped modular synthesis. I haven't yet googled where "Concordia University" is but I imagine its full of loafers as you can hear a bunch of scalawags wandering in randomly throughout for his lecture.

If you somehow missed the link up there, find it again: Here


SIGHUP said...

It's in Montreal. Yes, scalawags.

Proximity Affect said...

HEY! I'm a scally-wag grad of Concordia's Electroacoustics program. It's in Montreal. And OF COURSE, I moved cities weeks before this happened. God damnit.

I hear Jonny Greenwood is speaking there next year.

[This is how rumours start.]

Yeah. Canada. RumoUrs.

surachai said...

Wow, I really didn't expect you scalanadians to read this blog but I'm glad that you're here. What an awesome program you have up there. I wish I studied electroacoustics.

synthtopia said...

For Scalanadians, they've got good taste in guest lecturers!

Cortini is the best sales team that Buchla never had.

Titanic Sinclair said...

"I hear Jonny Greenwood is speaking there next year."