Audio Mulch 2.0: Out for Mac/PC in May

Remembering back to a time when I was obsessed with Audio Mulch, primarily because I was too retarded (and lazy) to figure out Reaktor and Max/Msp, I remember thinking to myself that this program is insanely inspiring, easy to use, fun and that I would never leave it. But then I got a Mac which pissed off my PC.
After a 3 year development, Audio Mulch is growing up to 2.0 and throwing itself back into my arms on my Mac. Though shit looks properly more complicated now since they recoded the thing from scratch. I used to have the most ridiculous signal paths and record the output then bring it into another program to edit. Seems like all of that can be done from their interface now and can get even more mental thanks to their improved performance. More importantly than all the specifications, Audio Mulch was fun and somewhat educational tool with all the modular routing, summing and whatnot. I just hope it's retained that spirit and doesn't make me feel like a lazy retard again 5 years later.
If you buy 1.0 for $89 the upgrade is another $89 saving you a grand total of $10. Hell, thats more than some people are making in a day and thats more than it'll take me to rob your family when things get rough over here.
Audio Mulch

I'm just reposting things lately cause I'm preparing for a move. This one was from Create DIGITAL Music


Anonymous said...

You have a mac version of Audio Mulch?

Don Hill/Millipede said...

That's the big deal about this update. Mulch will be cross-platform. It is truly the only program I miss from my PC set-up.


Foy Wonder! said...

Holy shit, Audio Mulch for the Mac?! My pants are starting to get tight.