NAMM 20..... Whoa... look at that!

We're not there and neither are a lot of our friends but it won't stop us from relaying some killer stuff.
MOTU is releasing a program called Volta that essentially gives you firm control over your modular synth via software. No word on cost but they're saying around $250. Also, you'll need one of their interfaces and some more money.
More pictures and information from where I stole this post from: Here
More solid information: Here

Noisesource just linked me to a video where Stretta shows us some basics! FUCK ME!

Volta First Look from stretta on Vimeo.


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Chris Rooney said...

yah that thing looks so freaking awsome there really aren't enough words to describe it. I think my brain had an orgasm and shut down right around when he was showing the ramp automation function. I can't wait for that to become available in Canada and for me to be able to afford one.