Killing Justin McGrath

I was in the middle of making a track for the next Arlovski episode and Justin jumps online and starts distracting me by sending me horrible youtube videos, I decided to tell him I had something important for him and that he should stay online for a quick minute. I tracked something over what I was working on and killed him with this: How to kill a Justin McGrath. Amazing how a vocoder can make someone leave you alone. I'll delete this post eventually.

Sing along!
Justin McGrath - Play Xbox with me
Justin Mcgrath - We can accidentally
Polyfuse - Gears of War
Polyfuse - Thats what friends are foooooorrrrrraaaa


Anonymous said...


Justin McGrath said...

I am never coming back here again!

Anonymous said...


surachai said...

Give my key back Justin! You can keep oscar, your girl and the "_" in trash_audio!