Video_Output - Arlovski 360: Episode 2

With your noodle arms and patch cord legs, I know you music tech guys (emphasis on guys) are all huge Mixed Martial Arts buffs. Considering that we're all indoor kids here at Trash_Audio, I can say that we cant bench press our laptops. I've had a number of people write to me saying how they would kill to be in my position (both arms above my head holding a boom mic and following Arlovski) but I just ask 'why?' I mean would you really want to be around people that could kill you with their bare hands? Every single one of the people we interview could decimate us and I feel if these episodes don't show them in a good light - they will. Ok, sarcasm aside - these people are the among the most genuine, caring people I've ever been around but being around Justin and Corey on the other hand..... *sigh* Anyways, I dare you to read the youtube comments on these videos and come out sane.
Again comments and questions are encouraged here. And I'll say again that I don't know how or if the music will licensed after this project is done. If they're not bought out - I'll most likely give them away here.... for your souls.
Five more episodes to go. Team TRASH GO!

I got in trouble last time for posting a direct link to the .mov file but you know what? If they can't upload a proper HD version onto youtube, I'll just have to link you to a higher quality version - one where you can actually hear reverbs and bass : View Here.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the second episode song (name?):

I like the ominous feel to it; the sad, but likely, possibility that Andrei could very well be walking into an inevitable defeat. The tick-tocking is subtle but the idea (that it's just a matter of time until his fight) is prevalent. His opponent is without a doubt the greatest he'll ever face.

More on Fedor Emelianenko:

Every fighter, coach, or MMA enthusiast knows that Fedor is feared by even the biggest and most vicious contenders. His skill has donned him quasi-invincible; his abundance of victories has granted him respect, fame and near-obsession from anyone who knows who he is.

My thoughts on the first episode song (name?):

I also like the uplifting theme in the first episode. It is harmonious and proposes the idea Andrei can stand a chance. After all, in a fight, anything could happen. This is a sport where a single punch, even faulty footwork, could decide the outcome of match.

More on the sport:

In this sport, anyone can improve. A medical student goes to school for six years and he's a doctor for the rest of his life. A fighter trains for each fight; after each training he becomes a new fighter.

My initial thoughts on the Andrei Arlovski:

At first, I thought Arlovski was full of himself and that he was taking this bout only for publicity. However, when fighting a man who's almost guaranteed to win, publicity seems redundant. Who would want to be boisterous in their loss?

My final thoughts on the Andrei Arlovski:

With that in mind, there's one I can't deny. Andrei Arlovski is brave. Brave enough to conjure up hope, and assemble a goal that sounds familiarly like that of an underdog story. If there's someone I can relate to more than a hero, it's an underdog.


The thing I love most about these videos is the ambiance resembling that of a Greek tragedy. There is a possibility he can win but at what cost? potentially creating the biggest upset in MMA history? If he takes away the nigh-legendary status of Fedor, will his name be praised or cursed? Will he get the fame and attention, which he tries so hard to get, that Fedor already has? Conclusively, fighting Fedor Emelianenko is no easy task.:D The documentary is great by my accord and the music is absolutely fantastic! It is exemplary in sharing the feelings of the fighter/protagonist/anti-hero. I LOVE the music! hopefully there will be downloads soon!

Morgan said...

Nice to hear that "night that laid still" tune making an appearance! hope all's good out there in chicago

Anonymous said...

it is quite difficult to express in english, but honestly, you have made an amazing job. The music is really addictive. I hope we can download it.