visual_Output - Friend in Town

A dear friend came into Chicago and while I showed him around, he took loads of pictures which can be found: Here. As you can tell, he snuck in some pictures of my setup and a fraction of Justins. I think he captured our environments in their natural state. By that I mean, he has exposed Justin as a vampire who's studio is lit only by the humming glares of computer screens and LED's. Justin also programs upside down. Usually with a cape.


Ben said...

What's that blue lamp in the picture of Justin's? I rather like it and have not seen anything like it before.

Justin McGrath said...

Ben, those are 'Atmosphere Rechargeable Party Lights' and I got them off ebay...but I found this link: http://www.batteryoperatedcandles.net/GS-4A3-p-led-gift.html

They come in sets of 1, 3 and 5...I got 5... all blue.

Ben said...


They are apparently from a company called Gama Sonic http://www.gamasonic.com/ . Searching for 'Gama Sonic Atmosphere Lights' on Google brings up plenty of places to get them.

Another question then... Do you have 5 bases/chargers or just one charger for all 5 of your lights? I don't see the 5 light model in anything other than five different colors.

Justin McGrath said...

I actually got 5 blue ones with separate charging stations on ebay. I don't think they sell the big charger with the lights all in one color.

Ben said...

Cool. Thanks.