Venetian Snares - Otto von Schirach - Cyrusrex - DJ NAHA

I'll be opening up for this tour in Chicago. Bring your moshing shoes cause faces will be melted! I don't want to sound like a d-bag but the cliche "tickets are going quick, get yours now!" applies in this case.

Buy Tickets Here! Friday, December 5 • 8:00 PM • Ages 17+ • Reggie's Live • 2105 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60616
More info: HERE

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Venetian Snares is known for making experimental electronic music often in odd numbered time signatures (often 7/4). He is an unusually prolific artist, having released records on the History of the Future, Isolate/DySLeXiC ResPonSe, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen record labels.

Ipecac recording artist Otto Von Schirach is an IDM and breakcore artist from Miami, Florida of Cuban/German descent. His style is more sporadic and noisy than other artists in the genre, and his visual aesthetic leans on the heavy metal side rather than electronic. He has released most of his work on the Schematic and Beta Bodega labels, and was featured in the 2002 documentary Electro Dziska. Most recently he worked and went on tour with Skinny Puppy and produced a remix for Miss Kittin.

Cyrusrex has an extended history in the LA Electronic Music Scene, starting out as the sound designer for annodalleb in 1995, he quickly became recognized by the local music community. Since annodalleb, he has moved on to collaborate with KDC on DARKSKIES, worked on several projects with BOL, and Skinny Puppy. In 2004, cyrusrex completed his first release all.ofmeHyde, a well received album, featuring remixes by Venetian Snares & cEvin KEy.

NAHA is a Seattle based DJ. In her ten years behind the decks, NAHA has crafted her mixing style and technique which is as diverse as the genres she spins, including techno, breakbeats, digital hardcore, hip-hop, and jungle. She has found an amalgamation of these sounds in her specialty, breakcore. Her latest accomplishment is making the #33 spot on the international list of Top 100 Female DJs.

Fathme Records plague metal artist Surachai has been clearing dance floors for years leaving only true worshippers of metal. Providing punishing disjointed blast beats and spitting out non-time signatures, the once 'breakcore' categorized Surachai has been mending it's own path. Focusing purely on melting off faces, he heavily relies on modular synthesizers to provide a crushing tower of sound. He currently runs the infamous Trash_Audio blog and shade:red record label with Justin McGrath.

Visuals by VJ DizyPixl!

Flashbulb - 8-9
Surachai - 9-10
NAHA - 10-11
Cyrusrex - 11-11:45
Otto von Schirach - 11:45 - 12:15
Venetian Snares - 12:15 - close

Detrimental Disco Wibble Tour - Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Cyrusrex and DJ NAHA

Dec 5 2008 Reggi​e’s Rock Club - Chica​go,​ Illin​ois
Dec 6 2008 305 Music​ Loung​e - Miami​,​ Flori​da
Dec 10 2008 (Le) Poiss​on Rouge​ - New York,​ New York
Dec 11 2008 Elysi​um - Austi​n,​ Texas​
Dec 12 2008 The Knitt​ing Facto​ry - Los Angel​es,​ Calif​ornia​
Dec 13 2008 Histo​ric Sweet​s Ballr​oom - Oakla​nd,​ Calif​ornia​
Dec 20 2008 The Fez Ballr​oom - Portl​and,​ Orego​n
Dec 21 2008 Necta​r Loung​e - Seatt​le,​ Washi​ngton​


Anonymous said...

Are you only going to be at the Chicago show Surachai?

None of these show are close to me but I guess NY, NY is the closest

surachai said...

I'll be laying down the phat beetz in only Chicago. But please check this tour if it gets close to you, it gets insane.

Anonymous said...

Hello this is Peasants With Feathers aka Otto's Voodoo Witch Doctor. Otto is in great health and ready to begin his tour. All vital signs are abnormal as usual and may the furniture legs be with you all. prepare yourselves for a beaker show.

Justin McGrath said...


Anonymous said...

yes. went to this one and yes, face will be melted off. i lost my face in the form of a broken nose. my arms are black and blue and my knuckles are cut the fuck up. lost my hat, lost my mind. fuck yeah man, good show, thanks for the thunder.

surachai said...

Glad we could help ruin your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Peasants With Feathers here again..glad everyone who made it loved the show. Definetly would like to meet all of you real soon.
Thanks Justin and Surachi