video_Output - Justin Does Gearwire

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I go to L.A. for a week and what does Justin do when I'm away? He manages to squeeze in three interviews with Gearwire. In the interviews Justin goes over some heavily used instruments in his setup, the x0xbox, TR-808 and a sound design monster: the Waterphone. In the videos you get a glimpse of his workspace and soon enough he will finally post his Workspace and Environment interview.

Roland TR-808 interview: Here!

Waterphone interview: Here!


felix said...


Justin McGrath said...

These videos were intentionally produced with everything running pretty dry....of course if anyone wanted to see some specifics or the x0xb0x running through some insane distortion, I'd be happy to throw my own video together!

surachai said...

It's a trick!

Anonymous said...

justin, it's about time you make some videos with your wicked synths.

surachai said...

I agree with anon