Being into noise and all things inspiring I've wanted a thingamagoop for a while. I have always loved the playful design and level of customization offered and it has always reminded me of some friends who create designer toys. Even though I realized it was primarily supposed to be fun, I always wanted a few more controls. BEHOLD! the thingmamaKIT! Assuming that you build it correctly it adds a few more features over the thingamagoop like a second photocell arm and square and Triangle wave outputs. Er, I should've reported this earlier cause now you suckers have to pay 65 bucks instead of 55 from the sale this weekend. At least now you have a neat video to convince you to buy one which the impulsive buyers didn't have.

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Maja G. said...

It almost sounds like you're making things up.

Talking about thingamagoops = need for psychotherapy.