Arturia: Recession Fun Times!

As a manufacturer, what do you do when we're in a recession? One idea might be to think of some crazy deal that is bound to draw attention(I'm writing about it aren't I?) and potential sales. Thankfully they didn't disguise it as NUCLEAR SUMMER BLOWOUT!! While these synths are great recreations of their analog sources and I was actually considering one, I found out something that makes me want to go on a killing spree. FUCKING dongles. Here is a fun read of some trouble shooting associated with them: yay!
That was a trick! There is nothing fun about dongles!
I still have my Logic 6 dongle and it STILL owns me. Some sessions are on my box in D.C. and since I was already planning a visit there, I thought I'd bounce everything and bring it back to Chicago. When I arrived I loaded everything up and NOPE! You forgot your dongle in Chicago you tool! GAGGGH.
Find this deal: Here


synthetic said...

Summer is the worst sales of the year for a pro audio manufacturer, so you can usually find deals this time of year.

Datascraper said...

Dongle? I own a couple of their synths and there is no dongle... granted I bought them when they were rev 1.0.

I love their synths though dongle or not. Really quality stuff.

surachai said...

Interesting datascraper...
From what I've been reading some of their synths require a USB dongle... Can anyone back me up or hopefully prove me wrong?

jmelnyk said...

flip to the specs for each product. it seems most of them state: "requires cd for installation and updates..." while some (like the jupiter 8v) state that it requires synchrosoft and a usb port. not definitive, but *seems* they don't all require a dongle.

i've not owned any of their products but this does make it enticing. its just weird only four of them are in the "get one free" column, when they're all the same price. except brass, which is in the get one free column even tho it costs $100 more than the others. weird.

surachai said...

Yeah, Brass can suck it.