x0xb0x: Waiting List = Eternity (Updated)

Most people are probably pretty familiar with the x0xb0x by now. If not, basically it's the closest TB-303 clone you could possibly get/make created by ladyada. The kits to build these have just been discontinued To attain one of these clones you have to be put on a waiting list for an indefinite amount of time, but you can still build one, you just have to source all the parts yourself (Which could be a little difficult with some of the rare components you'll need).

With that said, I've just found on the fourms this nicely modded x0xb0x created by a character by the name of Subatomic, and it sounds mental:


More info here.


Brad said...

Ahh this is terrible news, I really wanted a kit :(

Limor said...

hi they're not necessarily discontinued...but there are more people on the waiting list than will be likely made. make sense? :)

surachai said...

Eesh sorry about the delay. I've updated it!

Joe said...

The kits are available within 30 days at http://www.ableideas.com/x0xb0x and in regular supply.

I received mine within 7 days of purchase.

Good bye 12 month+ waiting list!!